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Έργα που χρηματοδοτήθηκαν το 2012

Projects Supported in 2012


Conservation of Cultural Heritage


Church of St Demetrios, Jerusalem – conservation of icons


Church of St Stephen, Nessebar, Bulgaria – courtyard improvement (part of the Medieval Churches of Nessebar project)


Elliniki Etaireia (for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage): a) ‘Monuments under Threat’ programme; b) ‘Civilisation Pathways’ project, Marathon


German Archaeological Institute at AthensOlympia restoration project


Holy Metropolis of Hydra, Spetses and Aegina – restoration works at the Church of St Mamas, Spetses


Holy Metropolis of Sidirokastron – restoration of the Triantafyllou Residence


King’s College, London – Digital Library of Ancient Inscriptions of the Northern Black Sea programme


King’s College, London – Gazetteer of Medieval Cyprus project  


Medieval Church of St Dimitar, Patalentitsza, Region of Pazardzik, Bulgaria – conservation of wall-paintings


Merton College, Oxford University (Prof. Irene S. Lemos) – Lefkandi–Xeropolis excavation project


Monastery of St Catherine, Sinai – restoration project


Rahmi M. Koç Foundation – restoration works at the Church of Taxiarches in Ayvalik, Alibey Cunda Island


St Gabriel Monastery in Tur Abdin, Eastern Turkey – conservation of 5th-century mosaic


6th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, Patras – restoration and fresco conservation of the Church of St Nicholas in Agridi, Achaia


19th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities (Dimitrios Skilardi) – archaeological programme in Koukounaries, Paros


21st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities (Prof. John Kouragios) – excavation project on Despotikon Islet, near Antiparos


Museums & Libraries


A. G. Leventis Gallery of Nicosia


Archaeological Museum, Crimea – refurbishment


Archaeological Museum   of Nessebar, Bulgaria – for the museum’s guidebook

British Museum, London: a) renovation of the A. G. Leventis Gallery of Ancient Cyprus; b) Cyprus Curator staff grant; c) Institute for Science and Conservation (Cypriot Antiquities Storage)


Friends of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia – for activities in 2012


Hellenic Foundation for Culture, BerlinOlympia: Myth – Cult – Games in Antiquity exhibition


Hermitage Museum (Friends of the Hermitage), St Petersburg – new lighting system installation in the Greek and Roman Gallery


Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia: a) medieval ceramics project; b) renovation of British Rule and Nicosia Galleries; c) Bulgarian Icons exhibition; d) El Greco: From Candia to Toledo exhibition


Louvre Museum, ParisCyprus between Byzantium and the West, 4th-16th Centuries exhibition


Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm – junior curatorship for cataloguing, studying and publishing archaeological material found during the Swedish Cyprus Expedition (1927-1931)


Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens – A. G. Leventis Gallery, ‘Cyprus: Aspects of Ancient Art and Culture / Thanos N. Zintilis Collection’


Museum of Greek Children’s Art, Athens – ‘Emeis kai o Ghika’ workshop and exhibition


Princeton University Art Museum – City of Gold: Tomb and Temple in Ancient Cyprus exhibition


Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter – Greek and Cypriot Archaeology Collections



Academy of Athens (Prof. Nikolaos Konomis) – assistant researcher’s fees

Anáhuac University, Mexico – Chair of Cyprus






King’s College, Cambridge – ‘Aristotle Commentaries’


King’s College, Cambridge – Constantine Leventis Senior Research Fellowship and emeritus professorship


Mariupol State University of Humanities – for the enrichment of the Constantine Leventis Modern Greek Library Book Collection


Mariupol State University of Humanities, School of Greek Philology: a) PhD scholarship; b) prizes for Excellence in the Use of the Modern Greek Language

Merton College, Oxford University – research fellowship


New   Delhi University – Greek Chair


Royal Holloway, University of London – Byzantine lectureship


University College London – A. G. Leventis Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in Ancient Greek Literature


University of Belgrade, Department of Neohellenic Studies – for the enrichment of the Neohellenic Library Book Collection


University of BristolInstitute of Rome, Greece and the Classical Tradition


University of Cambridge, Centre of African Studies: a) Audrey Richards Annual Lecture; b) visiting fellowship


University of Cambridge, Judge Business School: a) Africa Business Network Conference; b) Nigerian Society sponsorship


University of Crete, Heraklion – LIFE+ Biodiversity Project


University of Cyprus: a) research programmes; b) researchers’ fees for 3 members of committee; c) Constantine Leventis Annual Lecture


University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology – Leventis Visiting Research Professorship in Classical Greek


University of Exeter, Department of Classics and Ancient History: a) PhD studentship to exceptional scholars; b) Leventis Lecturer in the Impact of Greek Culture


University of Ghana – fellowship programme


University of Ghana, Department of Archaeology – grant towards the resource centre

University of Ibadan: a) Classics Overseas Grant; b) Constantine Leventis Memorial Biannual Lecture


University of Kent (Prof. Evangelos Kyriakides) and Athens University, Business and Economics Department – MA in Heritage Management Programme


University of Oxford – A. G. Leventis Lectureship in Eastern Christianity







A. G. Leventis Foundation Olympic Preparation Scholarship Programme – 25 scholarships offered to Greek and Cypriot athletes of individual Olympic sporting events


A. G. Leventis Foundation Scholars Association (Cyprus) – for activities in 2012


A. G. Leventis Foundation Scholars Association (Greece) – for activities in 2012


A. G. Leventis Foundation Scholarship for Post-graduate Studies in Acting (UK)


ALBA Graduate Business School – scholarships to 2 Nigerian students for the MBA course


American Farm School (Perrotis College), Thessaloniki – BSc scholarship programme for 2 students from the Balkans


Anofi and Grace Guobadia   Foundation, Nigeria – university scholarship programme for 11 students


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of History and Archaeology – Ioulia Vokotopoulou Post-graduate Scholarship Programme


British School at Athens – A. G. Leventis Fellowship in Hellenic Studies Post-doctoral Programme


Cyprus Forestry College – scholarships to 2 Ghanaian students


Cyprus International Institute of Management – scholarship for 1 Nigerian student


Earth University, Costa Rica – scholarship programme for students from Nigeria and Ghana


Egba   Community, Western Nigeria – Egba scholarship scheme


Greek Archaeological Committee – Deno Leventis Scholarship


Harrow School – Constantine Leventis Scholarship Programme


IITA–Lukas Brader Scholarship Fund, Nigeria – graduate training for outstanding students to conduct research towards a PhD programme in agriculture and related sciences


Imperial College, London – scholarship in bio-inspired devices for Greek-Cypriot PhD students


Olympia Summer Seminars (2012), Olympia


Prince’s School of Traditional Arts – PhD scholarship in iconography


School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London – scholarship for 1 Nigerian student


Trinity College, Dublin – post-graduate scholarships in Hellenic Studies


University of Birmingham – post-graduate studentships in Modern Greek and Hellenic Studies


University of Edinburgh – PhD scholarship in Hellenic Studies






American Hellenic Institute


Angelos and Leto Katakouzenos Foundation – support for a range of cultural and educational activities


Anglo-Hellenic League – funding towards the Anglo-Hellenic Review publication


Balliol College, Oxford – A. G. Leventis Scholarship in Classical Greek Studies


British School at Athens (Prof. Keith Rutter) – Ancient Greek numismatics course (travel and accommodation grant for 10 UK-based post-graduate students)


Cambridge University, Faculty of Classics – A. G. Leventis Professorship of Greek Culture


Campion School, Athens – G. David Sports Centre


Centre Culturel Hellénique, Paris – funding towards operational activities and the Byzantine Cyprus Colloquium


Centre for Asia Minor Studies, Athens – for the 2012 educational and research programmes


Corfu Choir – for the activities of the children’s choir in 2012


Corfu Museum of Asian Art – Edward Lear & the Ionian Islands exhibition


Courtauld Institute of Art, Centre for the Study of Byzantine Art – A. G. Leventis Reader in the History of Art


Cultural Centre – museum at Kissonerga


Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organisation (POAK)


Doros Partasides – Images Through My Lens, 45-year retrospective, 1966-2011, photographic exhibition


Elliniki Etaireia (for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage): a) ‘Sustainable School’ educational and environmental programme; b) seminar organisation and digital publication of various conference proceedings


Elliniko Theatro (Yannis Simonides) – performance of Homer’s Iliad at the Hellenic Centre of London


Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros – for the display of the permanent collection


European Foundation Centre (EFC) – annual membership


Fondation Hellénique, Paris – restoration of the rear façade and of the interior of the Greek Building in the Cité Universitaire


Friends of Cyprus Organisation


Harare and District Hellenic Community – Hellenic International Academy

Harrow School: a) awards and leadership bursary scheme; b) Deno Leventis Classics Library


Hellenic Centre, London – Greek International Dress Designers exhibition


‘House of Cyprus’ Cultural Department of the Embassy of Cyprus in Athens – for the enrichment of the book collection and cultural activities in 2012


Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge – fundraising for the purchase of buildings


Junior Achievement Association, Athens – annual subscription


Legacy Nigeria, Historical and Environmental Group of Nigeria – Historical Railway Building in Lagos


London Hellenic Society – annual membership


Martino Tirimo – Chopin recordings


National Gallery, Athens – From the Collections of the A. G. Leventis Foundation exhibition


Old University Library at Harkovo, Ukraine – library enrichment


Opera Rara – production of Donizetti’s opera Caterina Cornaro


Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research (OCBR) – for activities in 2012 and for 1 scholarship


Oxford Philomusica – for cultural activities in 2012


Palazzo Quirinale, Rome – Aphrodite, Goddess of the Mediterranean exhibition


Patrick Darling, African Legacy Projects – Akodi Africa Museum


Paxos Festival – for cultural activities in 2012


Pharos Arts Foundation, Cyprus


Polykarpos Yiorkadjis   Foundation, Cyprus


Royal Holloway and Lambeth Palace Library – Greek Manuscript Collection


Scottish Hellenic Society of St Andrews


Société Hellénique de Bienfaisance, Paris


Société Hellénique de Laographie (Elliniki Laografiki Etaireia) – for activities in 2012


Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies (SPHS) – towards the school programme and the publication of archaeological reports


St Anthony’s College, Oxford, European Studies Centre – A. G. Leventis Visiting Fellowship in Contemporary Greek Studies


St Sophia School, London


Tassos Papadopoulos Centre – core funding


Tiwani Contemporary Gallery, London – educational and public programmes in contemporary African art


Trinity College, Dublin – A. G. Leventis Senior Lecturer in Greek History and Archaeology


UNESCO, Paris – Cyprus Permanent Delegations Office


Philanthropy, Humanitarian Work & Medical Science


Aegean Team – for the purchase of portable mammography equipment


A. G. Leventis Foundation ‘Greece in Crisis’ initiative – support to various

philanthropic and humanitarian organisations for the relief of Greek Society


Alkionides UK Charity – providing free accommodation to low-income Cypriot families (required to stay in the UK for essential medical care)


Artemis Association for Histiocytosis – ‘Cell Autonomous Mechanism in the Pathogenesis of Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis (LCH)’ research programme


Construction of the Greek Orthodox Church in Lagos, Nigeria

Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics


Cyprus Red Cross Society


Fondation du Centre Orthodoxe (Metropolitan Jeremy)


Greek Council for Refugees – ‘PYXIDA’ educational, sports and leisure programme


Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Spain and Portugal


Holy Metropolis of Estonia (Metropolitan Stephanos)


Holy Metropolis of Spetses, Hydra and Aegina – ‘Stegi Agapis’ (shelter for the poor), Spetses


Kentro Prosforas kai Agapis (KEPA), Agios Christoforos, Cyprus – scholarships to underprivileged students


Lagos State Laptops for Learning (L4L) Initiative – ‘One Laptop per Child’ project in Lagos, Nigeria


‘Margarita’ special education workshop – athletics and students’ exercise programmes


Melathron Evgerias, Nicosia


‘Mission Anthropos’ – Greek medical volunteers for Africa (Mekelle, Ethiopia)

Municipal Oncology Clinic of Mariupol – purchase of medical equipment


Ormylia Foundation – medical care of needy children who are victims of trafficking programme


Orthodox Archbishopric of Kenya and Irinoupolis – ‘Archbishop Makarios III of Cyprus’ Orthodox Patriarchal Seminary


Panagia Kykkou Charity Association, Athens – support to Cypriot residents of Athens in need


Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa – Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria

Richard Coker Foundation


Rural Empowerment and Development Agency (REDA), Accra, Ghana – reducing poverty and hunger in rural areas via enterprise and promotion of self-sufficiency

Sightsavers, Nigeria – eye care workers training programme


St Mary’s Hospital, London – fellowship with an aim to further research into paediatric critical illnesses


St Spyridon Church of Stadion, Athens – home for the poor


Thalassaemia International Federation: a) sickle-cell project; b) MSc course in haemoglobinopathies


Environment & Conservation


Agricultural   Schools, Ghana: a) Leventis Foundation farmers’ training programme (LFFTP); b) schools’ operational costs; c) irrigation project


A Rocha Ghana – Atewa Forest conservation and restoration project


A Rocha Kenya – endangered species and coastal forest avian monitoring


BirdLife International: a) Africa programme; b) Cambridge Chair

Cambridge Conservation Initiative


Elliniki Etaireia (for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage) – Aegean programme


Europa Nostra: a) annual membership; b) youth activities;

c) conference in Cardiff


Ghana Wildlife Society – A. G. Leventis Library, Accra Conservation Education Centre


Hellenic Ornithological Society: a) Egyptian Vulture programme; b) Aegean survey and conservation of sea-birds programme


Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature – ‘Learn about Forests’ educational and environmental programme


IITA/Leventis Project, Nigeria – planting of indigenous tree species for the restoration and conservation of the IITA Forest


Lake Kerkini National   Park – construction of observatories and kiosks


Leventis Foundation Nigeria – agricultural schools


Marine Stewardship Council – engaging developing country fisheries programme

RSPB programmes: a) illegal bird trapping in Cyprus;

b) Aquatic Warbler conservation in Belarus


University of Canterbury, School of Biological Sciences, New   Zealand – Nigerian montane forest project


WWF Greece – institutional support for a range of projects




Ancient Cyprus: 9000 Years of Civilisation – purchase of copies offered to the Cypriot

Ministry of Foreign Affairs for EU officials during the Cyprus Presidency in 2012


Centre d’Études Chypriotes, Antoine Hermary – publication of Cahier 42


Europa Nostra – publication of bulletin


Lyceum Club of Greek Women – publication of the 2013 Diary


Prof. Francisco Rodrίguez Adrados & DGE Team – Volume VIII of the Diccionario griego-espanõl


University of Edinburgh, Dr Colin Macdonald – publication in honour of G. Cadogan

World Birdwatch magazine


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