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17 Jun 2009

Art Antique De Chypre Au Musee Du Louvre du Chalcolithique à l'Époque Romaine

ART ANTIQUE DE CHYPRE AU MUSÉE DU LOUVRE du Chalcolithique à l'Époque Romaine

Author Caubet, A. | Hermary, A.
Publisher Published by Editions Kap
Type Paperback
Year 1992
ISBN 2-7118-2562-0
Gauge 20 x 26cm
Language English-French
Price CYP 24.00
Price 41.00
Price USD 52.00

163pp. numerous illustrations
This is a sumptuously illustrated guide to the examples of ancient Cypriot art housed in the Musée du Louvre in Paris, one of the most important collections of Cypriot material outside Cyprus. A brief history of the Cypriot collection is provided by Caubet, and an introduction to the art and archaeology of Cyprus from earliest times to the Roman period by Karageorghis. Hermary contributes brief notes on Cypriot sculpture. The major part of the volume is an exhaustive catalogue of 201 artifacts dating from the Chalcolithic to the Roman period. These include ceramics, faience and stone objects, figurines of terracotta and bronze, stone sculture and vessels and jewellery in precious metals, including some from the excavations of Schaeffer. Amathus, Athienou, Enkomi, Golgoi, Idalion, Kition, Kourion, Lapithos, Marion, Sinda and Vounous are among the Cypriot sites represented, and Minet-el-Beida and Ras Shamra among sites abroad.

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