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16 Jun 2009

Chypre (Out Of Stock) La vie quotidienne de l'antiquité à nos jours

 CHYPRE (OUT OF STOCK) La vie quotidienne de l'antiquité à nos jours

Author  De Sike, Y. ed.
Type  Paperback
Year  1985
Gauge  21 x 28.7cm.
Language  English-French
Price CYP  15.00
Price  26.00
Price USD  33.00


203pp. numerous illustrations.
The papers published in this volume, the majority in French but with some in English, constitute the proceedings of a conference held in Paris, organized by the Musιe de l'Homme. The theme of the conference centred on aspects of daily life and traditional customs. The chronological span of the papers covers the entire duration of the inhabitation of the island from the earliest Neolithic until modern times. Neolithic and Bronze Age sites such as Khirokitia, Ayios Epiktitos-Vry.si and Hala Sultan Tekke are discussed by their excavators. Other papers are devoted to ancient artifacts such as figurines of horses and pottery types and methods of manufacture. The foreign relations of Cyprus, literacy, religious architecture and customs and olive oil production in antiquity are featured in other papers. Studies of more recent times in Cyprus include the justice system in the Lusignan period, daily life as represented in the poetry of Dimitris Lipertis and recent social change.

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